George Schwarz – Bio

George Schwarz’ oeuvre goes beyond the genre of autobiography to touch on universal themes of human experience – sex, death and the unconscious. The significance of photography as a device to record time is central to many of his works, in which he collages images from different eras and places. The jumbled collections of objects and unexpected amalgamations of visual influences create surreal layers of meaning, blurring the line between the real and symbolic, life and art.

George Schwarz was born in Switzerland, and has been exhibiting since 1957. His numerous exhibitions at Stills Gallery include Home 2013, Carpe Diem 2010, Vita Brevis Est 2008, Highlights of the Road 2004, Recuerdos 2002, Relics 1994, and Items 1992. His work is widely collected and published, including in the sell-out book Highlights of the Road, which Schwarz and his partner self-published to document their motorcycle travels through all continents of the world from 1965 to 1968.