Chris Fortescue – Bio

Chris Fortescue's work is humorous, confusing and thought provoking. A multidisciplinary artist, he works across sound, installation, animation, and photomedia, often incorporating found images and objects. A recurring enquiry in his work considers how technological developments affect the way we perceive images. For instance, the works in naturalism08 appear as organic specimens or digital constructions, while close examination reveals them to be reworked scans of crumpled newsprint & packaging—mediated, rather than generated, by computer.

Chris Fortescue has a substantial exhibition history, which includes presenting work in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia Centre for Photography, Centre for Contemporary Photography, VIC, and internationally in London, Austria, Spain and Sweden. His works are held in numerous private and public collections including Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Victoria and National Gallery of Australia.