Dorota Mytych - Tea leaf Reading

Exhibition: 18 February to 21 March, 2009

Dorota Mytych

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Using materials such as tea and sugar Dorota Mytych recreates photographs sculpturally in order to video them. Her images appear on screen slowly, particle by particle and stay quietly with the viewer. Once the image has coalesced, the process is reversed and the image breaks piece-by-piece leaving nothing but an empty white screen.

Her work addresses historical events and their photographic incarnations. The viewer can watch images evolve and disintegrate. In using video as a canvas for drawing Mytych subverts both historical events and their photographic incarnations. She draws and redraws images in endless loops, probing our power to destroy and our will to nurture. The photographs Mytych selects to 're-draw' are familiar. Scenes of war alongside the squeaky clean suburbs of American domesticity, the historic alongside the contemporary. Juxtaposing iconic and clich'ed imagery depicting the traumatic and peaceful, she explores the slippage between image and reality, image and history, image and politics. Her images become silent monuments.

Her new work will be a continuation of this process. Images will be presented in a continuous loop. Mytych's tea and sugar drawings are accurate reconstructions of the original photograph. Her choice to destroy each one in a breezy and dreamlike erasure brings the viewer continuously back to the quiet hold of the blank canvas. This process underlines her interest in altering the formal aspect of an image, while allowing the viewer to witness that change.

Dorota Mytych grew up in Poland in the 1980s during the communist era. She graduated from the Istituto d'Arte LDM, Florence Italy in 1996. Since 1992 she has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, America, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia. In 2008 she was awarded the Chretzeturm Fellowship in Switzerland and was an artist in residence with the Camargo Foundation in France. Mytych has been the recipient of several prestigious international and national art prizes and residencies and her work is held in both private and public collections. This is her first exhibition with Stills Gallery.