Mark Kimber - Fictive Landscapes

Exhibition: 7 September to 8 October, 2005

Mark Kimber

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In his latest body of work, Fictive Landscapes, Mark Kimber explores the way images from childhood can leave impressions that persist into adulthood. His work focuses on the gap between memory and experience, between imagination and realisation.

As a child Kimber's introduction to art was through a scrapbook given to him by his grandmother, which included paintings by Turner, Martin, Caspar David Friedrich and Bierstadt. The beauty and power of these images remain as inspirational to him today as they were then.

At first glance his large-scale photographic panoramas seem similar to those paintings, with their epic scale and figures dwarfed by a majestic landscape, Kimber has digitally brought together the painted landscapes that have fascinated him and combined them with his own photographic landscapes in an attempt to relocate that place of wonder.

The resulting images are an intriguing mix of painting and photography, familiarity and strangeness, the present and the past.