Sandy Edwards - Indelible

Exhibition: 17 March to 17 April 17, 2004

Sandy Edwards

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Photography and memory are intimately entwined. Photographs never tell the whole story but they can act as a trigger, a visual haiku that evokes a broader history. Sandy Edwards presents the viewer with moments from over 10 years of personal work, moments that seem indelible, memories that endure.

The camera has always operated as an agent of connection to others for Edwards. This exhibition resembles a family album of the recent past. It will tell many stories, not least of all her own, but also those of the people close to her - her parents, her partners, her female friends and the children born out of her generation. This is an extended family which reflects the choices and life journeys which typify the time.

There is a universality in the images - as if Edwards has written a story we can all relate to, with images instead of words. The photographs have been made with a degree of candour and trust between photographer and subject which results in them being suffused with an energy and warmth not found in more staged work.

Throughout, this energy and transcendence is matched by the magnificent quality of the light and colour in the works. Whether the images feature a small red-headed boy with a bright blue face, a dog on an intersection in New York or a boy entering puberty staring down the lens with the eyes of a man - they seem touched by something out of the ordinary - indelible.

This continues Edwards' move into colour, in contrast to the intimate black and white narratives of Paradise is a Place exhibited in 1996 and consequently published as a book by Random House and First Love shown at the ACP as part of Close Relations in 1999.