Christine Cornish - threshold

Exhibition: 8 September to 9 October, 2004

Christine Cornish

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Christine Cornish's photographic works are characterised by an assured restraint. Her latest exhibition Threshold, consists of large scale x-ray photographs of animals. Observing intricate and deeply enfolded forms, Cornish explores the privacy, similarities and otherness of living animal beings.

Threshold examines the invisible connections between differences: between concealedness and appearing, between inner and outer. These silent shadowy works evoke mystery, latency, ceasing and beginning.

Cornish has exhibited widely since 1978. Her series Datum was exhibited at STILLS Gallery in 2001. Her work was included in Minimal at The Australian Centre for Photography in 2000, in The Enigmatic Object at the AGNSW in 1998 and in Photography is Dead, Long Live Photography, 1996 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She is represented in many collections including those at the Art Gallery of NSW, Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Griffith Artworks and Artbank.