Steven Lojewski - Boulevard of Dreams

Exhibition: 19 November to 20 December, 2003

Steven Lojewski

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The images in Boulevard of Dreams by Steven Lojewski feature the sort of vistas that may not catch your eye as you drive through urban streets. He works like a modern day flâneur, walking down the same streets that most drive, unhurried, an observer rather than a participant.

The views he presents, such as a lone figure in an office at dusk or the angles and tones of a inner city freeway, are made from a pedestrian's point of view and show attention to the often overlooked details of structures and artefacts that make up our urban environment. People, when they are depicted are small and anonymous - like figures in an architectural model, overwhelmed by their surroundings. Even nature, when it makes an appearance, is consumed by architecture. The scenes depicted seem reminiscent of those from a Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett novel.

Lojewski depicts both the architectural and social landscape of the city. He suggests both the physical (boulevards) and the emotional (dreams) with a meticulous eye for composition and colour. The large-scale pigment prints allow for contemplation of the minutiae within the scenes.

Regardless of subject matter, Lojewski's work is always about photographic vision, about how the world presents itself through a camera lens. His images show delight in bizarre conjunctions, subtle detail and he has a longstanding fascination with the spatial ambiguity of the photographic plane.