Mark Kimber - Night Falls

Exhibition: 2 July to 2 August, 2003

Mark Kimber

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In Night Falls Mark Kimber creates theatrical and disquieting scenes using male figurines in a way that imbues them with life. These mostly solitary young men are lit from above as if from a single streetlight and enveloped in the black background of night. Their eyes obscured, the viewer is forced to become a voyeur, reading the clothes, postures and props to establish their identity.

In adolescence, where these figures seem to be located, the props of masculinity become all important. The young men in Night Falls have grown a permanent set of wheels or a surfboard in their teens, they have become one with their props. On closer inspection the imperfections of the crudely molded figures becomes obvious. They recall the play and posturing of childhood but also highlight the symbols of masculinity and the role-playing involved in gender. The construct of masculinity portrayed has a cinematic sense of narrative. The viewer's attention is drawn not only to the scene at hand - but also to what's going on outside the frame, implicating more than the individual in this story.

The photographs in Night Falls were made at the Polaroid studio in New York City. The Polaroid camera produces, unique, superbly detailed, colour 20x24 inch (50x60 cm) prints.