Stephen Jones - Constructed Memories

Exhibition: 28 May to 28 June, 2003

Stephen Jones

The scroll-like images in Constructed Memories contain a collage of memories, history and mythology woven together without the logic of time or geography. They describe place as experienced by a traveller.

These memories as images are constructed from fragments of the world seen and photographed. We are not shown the reality of a particular city or country but the impression of that place in retrospect. Jones' reflections and obsessions are distilled into potent and intricate panoramas.

In one body of images, Jones' fascination with the cultural artefacts of Japanese Buddhism as represented in the gardens, the textiles, the sculpture and the architecture, is laid out and explored. In another set of scrolls the viewer is shown the cities of Europe: Prague, Edinburgh, etc, where the roots of our science and modern world established themselves. Their histories and contributions are more hinted at than revealed, leaving us to ponder the ideas and myths from which our worlds are constructed.