Susan White - Golzar

Exhibition: 11 September to 12 October, 2002

Susan White

In Golzar Susan White expresses an appreciation for the richness and complexity of cultures and history. She literally interweaves the historic, the natural and the symbolic and in so doing suggests these cross currents of cultural influence.

The installation features rectangular aluminum plates, designed and cast by White. These are arranged on the floor and interspersed with small colour photographs of natural forms and the interpretation of these forms by artists and artisans throughout history. Larger images adorn the walls. The images range from a flower in White's garden, for example, to it's stylisation as a Fleur-de-lis on the robe of a French King (symbolic of the Virgin Mary and thereby visually declaring France a Catholic country) to the abstract metalography microstructures of the metal thread from which it is embroidered. The work itself becomes like a reference to a patterned carpet or formal garden - evoking both the complexity of the multiple elements and the unity of the whole.