Eugenia Raskopoulos - Ostinato

Exhibition: 29 May to 29 June, 2002

Eugenia Raskopoulos

A child plays a violin. A small light is attached to the bow. The child plays the notes A to E repeatedly, long enough for the light to create an exposure on film. This is the mark of the sound. This is the translation from one language to another - from sound to light to image.

In Ostinato, Eugenia Raskopoulos uses words, sounds and markings to make tracings with light. The camera records these light tracings. The resulting images are beautiful in their simplicity. They have a Zen-like economy of expression. They explore the human element of imperfection and the potential for the unexpected.

Ostinato continues Raskopoulos' investigations into language and culture. It is about the imperfections and slippages that occur through translation and repetition of language. Something is lost in the written transcription of the spoken word. What remains is an image. Similarly, when we repeat a spoken word or action there is an element of slippage.