Philip Gostelow - Travel Journals 1999-2000

Exhibition: 7 August to 7 September, 2002

Philip Gostelow

Travel Journals 1999-2000 is a poetic and personal series of texts and images describing the places, people, moods and experiences in this period of Philip Gostelow's travels. In many works large images are bordered by smaller toned image fragments and handwritten text. These constellations take us beyond the decisive moment of photography to a distillation of Gostelow's thoughts and memories. We see family and strangers, animals and landscapes, hotel rooms and highways. He depicts his daughter Ruby on a balcony overlooking the sea, amusing herself with a toilet paper kite. A beach in India reveals toy robots and horses, a Delhi magician is caught in shadowy soft focus - appearing almost like a memory. Gostelow makes visible the minutiae in moments and events that would otherwise be forgotten.