Ricky Maynard - Returning to Places that Name Us

Exhibition: 25 July to 25 August, 2001

Ricky Maynard

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Ricky Maynard is an Indigenous photographer of great talent. Apparent in his work is a commitment to represent his people and his belief in the value of documentary photography as a tool to effect social change. For Maynard an important aspect of his work is to leave proof about Indigenous people where it has previously been absent or distorted.

Returning to Places that Name Us features large scale black and white portraits of Wik elders. The Wik people have been fighting for decades for their country and have endured much. These intense portraits speak of their struggle in a subtle yet powerful way.

Maynard has broad experience as a photographer and teacher and has received much recognition for his work including the Mother Jones International Prize for Photography in 1994 and the Australian Human Rights Award for Photography in 1996.