Steven Lojewski - Urban Dilemmas

Exhibition: 23 May to 23 June, 2001

Steven Lojewski

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In his latest body of work, Urban Dilemmas, Steven Lojewski captures the beauty and foibles of contemporary urban life. A sense of the photographer's humanity and humour pervades the images in this work. He looks at the world with an anthropologist's eye - revealing us to ourselves. High and low cultures, the ordinary and the sublime are jumbled together in these images - as they are in life.

After spending many years working only in black and white, Lojewski has embraced the use colour. His earlier works of the 1970's and 80's including the Rooftops series, Steel Cities and Populace explored the expressive possibilities of black and white to great effect. These works captured the architectural and social landscape of the city with meticulous composition and technique. Urban Dilemmas continues Lojewski's exploration of the landscape of the city, but in colour.

Regardless of subject matter, Lojewski's work is always about photographic vision, about how the world presents itself through a camera lens. His images show delight in bizarre conjunctions, subtle detail and he has a long-standing fascination with the spatial ambiguity of the photographic plane.