Ella Dreyfus - Transman

Exhibition: 14 February to 10 March, 2001

Ella Dreyfus

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'Transman' is an exhibition about a journey into wholeness and true identity. The subject is a female to male (FTM) transsexual who lived most of his life as a lesbian woman. At the age of 49 he began the process of gender realignment.

Photographic artist Ella Dreyfus is well known for her work which confronts classical notions of beauty. These ideals imply perfection and invalidate those who do not meet conventional aesthetic standards. Her photographs of people whose bodies do not appear to meet these standards (eg the pregnant, ill, fat and aged) have been widely published and exhibited in Australia.

Ella's previous exhibitions, 'Pregnancy Series' (1992), 'The Body Pregnant' (1993) and 'Age and Consent' (1999) all shown at Stills, received national attention and critical acclaim. There was a great public response to her work, these shows were the most well attended in the gallery's history.

In 'Transman' the artist and subject have collaborated to explore the transition of one person's body from female to male, a process that defies orthodox concepts of gender identity. The exhibition documents this bold disclosure in an undeniably courageous, empowering and compassionate way. 'Transman' is an official Sydney Gay+Lesbian Mardi Gras 2001 Festival Event.