Pat Brassington - Gentle

Exhibition: 18 April to 19 May, 2001

Pat Brassington

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Pat Brassington is one of Australia's foremost photo-artists. She has exhibited widely both in Australia and overseas for the past 20 years . Her work was recently shown in the exhibition of international photography World Without End - Photography and the 20th Century at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and in Fotokunst Aus Australien curated by Bernice Murphy and shown in Berlin in 2000.

Those familiar with Pat's work will not be lulled into a false sense of security by the title of her latest show - Gentle. Rest assured you will not be left with a comfortable inner glow. Her images are at once charming and menacing. They rouse a sense of disquiet as they subtly and humourously scratch at the underbelly of the human condition. The works in Gentle continue Pat's exploration of unexpected juxtapositions, wry humour and a 21st century surrealism. There is a dreamlike logic to her images as they take the everyday and make it strange and unfamiliar. There is also a sense of an arch feminism - the trappings of womanhood are made perverse.