Roger Scott - Photographs 1969-2000

Exhibition: 1 November to 2 December, 2000

Roger Scott

Curated by Robert McFarlane

Roger Scott shares many of the gifts of that most eminent observer of the human condition, Henri Cartier-Bresson. Both Scott and the great French photographer have devoted their lives to addressing humanity's essential nature in that most public of arenas, the street.

For over three decades, Scott has photographed the social currents of Australia, beginning with the civic tumult of Seventies anti-Vietnam Moratorium protests. He has been equally drawn to documenting with intimacy, humour and irony, everyday life in Australia.

Scott's photographs capture a socially evolving Australia with simplicity and an unbroken faith in the power of observation. The essence of Scott's talent lies in being able to photograph his subjects from close range, without disturbance.