Helen Kundicevic - Blemish

Exhibition: 6 December to 10 February, 2001

Helen Kundicevic

The latest collection of images by photographer, Helen Kundicevic, give new meaning to the idea of up close and personal. These near-sighted snaps of human skin focus on the blemishes, wrinkles, discolourations and hirsute bits which make everybody so unique, imperfect and yet wondrous. In a sense, the photographs are a type of portrait although it's doubtful that you'd recognise any of these subjects even if you knew them intimately.

At the same time, these are more than simply forensic shots testifying to the magnification prowess of the camera. When digitally combined with a series of Rorschach-type blots and drips, the resulting images evoke a whole new world of hidden existence. An unusual strain of mutant virus? Cross sections of specimens from a prehistoric seabed? Or evidence that alien life forms really do exist? In truth, the human body never looked so eerily beautiful, its every day surface transformed into delicate, wafer-thin samples of luminous flesh.