Bruce Hart - Ladies and Gentlemen
Mr Bernie McGann... A Jazz Life

Exhibition: 3 May to 3 June, 2000

Bruce Hart

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Bernie McGann...A Jazz Life is the magnificent result of a 10 year collaboration between photographer Bruce Hart and one of Australia's best known jazz musicians, Bernie McGann. McGann was the first jazz musician to receive the prestigious Don Banks Award in 1998 and has also received Mo and Aria awards for his inspirational music.

There is a strong synergy between Hart's photography and McGann's music. The black and white tones and documentary style of Hart's work echoing the tones and improvisation of jazz. Produced under very difficult lighting conditions, Hart's images highlight McGann's extraordinary creative achievement etched against the stress of economic survival as a musician.

In this exhibition Hart demonstrates his remarkable skill in focusing on one person over a long period of time, resulting in an essay of formidable power which few other photographers have attempted.