Phillip George - Tranzlution

Exhibition: 6 December to 10 February, 2001

Phillip George

Phillip George's photographic exhibition Tranzlution documents a site on the coastline of Sydney's Little Bay. His photographs at first appear to be a straightforward representation of the coast but slowly, as the viewer takes in the image, they reveal a most unlikely history- images of Byzantine saints are found on the walls of caves and Greek icons are washed up in small rock pools. In Tranzlution George stretches the documentation and revelation powers of photography to their most elastic point.

Little Bay is a site with parallel histories: the Aboriginal history of the Gwyeagal and Kameygal peoples, who have been living there for over 20,000 years; the colonial history of nearby La Perouse which is named after the French explorer who arrived in Botany Bay just four days after the First Fleet and departed soon after; the contemporary art history of 1969 when Christo wrapped one million square feet of the coast along the shore of Little Bay concealing the bay from view. Tranzlution aims to look at this coastline as a point of arrival and departure for different histories and cultures.