Brenda L. Croft - Fever (you give me)

Exhibition: 7 June to 8 July, 2000

Brenda L. Croft

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Brenda L Croft's latest body of work, fever (you give me) looks at the impact of (non-Indigenous) culture on the Indigenous cultures of Australia and the Americas. A sense of travel informs much of the work; difficult to locate, intangible links to place, translucent strands of time. Croft uses a layering of text and images taken from both historical and contemporary sources to question stereotypical/sanitised descriptions of the first point of contact and ensuing relations between Indigenous & non-Indigenous cultures.

Her images seem delirious and hallucinogenic - fevered. Yet they are also delicious and enticing, with colours melding from muted greens and greys to vivid reds, disguising their bitter taste. The layers of image and text build upon one another while the song 'Fever' is used as an undercurrent, drifting in and out of reach, its rhythm like a pulse or heartbeat.