Peter E. Charuk - Men's Work (III): Iron Hans

Exhibition: 7 June to 8 July, 2000

Peter E. Charuk

Exploring the terrain of maleness, specifically the transition from boyhood to manhood, Peter Charuk takes as his starting point the Brothers Grimm fairytale Iron Hans. This story is also the basis for Robert Bly's now famous book Iron John which became an anthem for the Men's movement in the 1990's.

This is Charuk's third exhibition in the series Men's Work which depicts men in various forms of labour. The series raises questions about men's attitudes towards work and how it continues to provide a substantial definition of identity. Using the computer as a tool in all the work, this latest series is by far the most poetic, illustrative and narrative driven in form. With vivid colours and imagery he follows the movement of a deep sea diver in his diving suit as he immerses himself and is extracted from the water. The images are symbolic in their intent leaving an emotive aftertaste in this contemporary version of a classic story.